A Day in L.A. : The Art & The Dogs

Once upon a time, not so long ago,
I decided to take a trip, to a city opposite of Slow
Little did I know, this day would make me grow,
Or did it, I don’t know.
You decide after the following show…

Yes, let’s start with a bad poem shall we!?

I got up earlier than usual today, because.. well, I need to get back into a normal sleeping pattern (like that has ever happened). My train to Los Angeles was supposed to leave at 10:30am.. but of course it was 30 minutes late. Also, i managed to by the wrong type of ticket (oops!) so the ticket guy got a bit angry i think! It is not my fault the table with train times said METROLINK, and not AMTRAK.. I even double checked it before I bought it from the machine! Seriously, Public Transportation here is like going back in time, there’s no information! Plus, if you take the bus, you don’t get cash back.. once i accidentally put a 10$ bill into the machine for a 2$ trip… think of all the candy i could have bought for those 8 dollars! *-* Anyways, it was a bumpy ride to L.A.
When I got to Union Station, I did as planned: Walking to the Corey Helford Gallery!
Mistake? I don’t know, at least i didn’t die! Once i got out of the station, immediately fitness a car crash… and the person/gigantic truck (!) that hit the car.. just kept driving! Why would you stop seeing if the people are OK? I don’t know.. in case you killed some one.. or injured them! I really don’t understand people some times.
I kept walking towards the Gallery, my phone had very, VERY low battery percentage.. and I was scared it was gonna die because I was walking in a very dodgy place, with lots of industrial buildings, abandoned dead looking buildings, and walls full of the not so Artsy kind of graffiti, and I needed it to be alive incase weird people approached me!

Camilla D’errico

Finally got to the gallery… No one was there..
so I just walked right in, feeling like I was trespassing. The only reason for me coming here was because of Camilla D’errico – Dances with Dreams exhibition! And i’m super glad I went, I love her art so much!


There were also two other artist exhibitions going on: Kazuki Takamatsu & Hirabayashi Takahiro. I absolutely fell in love with the paintings of Kazuki Takamtasu after being there, some of the paintings were really powerful.

I really enjoyed going to this gallery (even if it was in the middle of scary aband

Kazuki Takamatsu

oned buildings), and will probably go again when they have the Yoko D’Holbachie Exhibition at the end of the month!


After enjoying this inspiring art, I continued to my new destination: The Dog Cafe! I’ve wanted to visit this place since i found out about it a few months ago, but never had the chance! I have two dogs myself, but they are in Norway, and I’m in California, so it’s hard to get my daily dog fix! The dogs here are super nice, i recommend everyone to go. I really wish i could take a few home and foster them, but since i don’t have a car at the moment, that would be extremely difficult. So just wait little puppies, one day i’ll get a car, and come help!

The Dog Cafe, LA ❤

After spending an hour in the Dog Cafe, I was now ready to go home… but of course.. my phone had died by now! Prepared as i was, bringing my laptop in case this happened (let’s just say my phone is living it’s last days), i plugged it in hoping it would charge so I could get an Uber back to the station. It took me around 30 minutes to get it to work, then I witnessed my Uber driver parking on the wrong side of the building before my phone died AGAIN! Desperately, I tried to get the charger to work… it just didn’t. Luckily my driver found me.. he pulled up in a white pickup truck.. with heavy metal stickers on the windows… I was terrified!! I mean, coming from Norway, I love metal, but this looked a bit weird. I got in the car, and it turned out the driver was the nicest guy ever, and the stickers was of his sons band who traveled around the world playing heavy metal. I felt stupid judging by the look of the car, but… let’s just say i’ve had a lot of weird Uber drivers!! So I’m always nervous about what kind of person it will be this time around!

End of the Adventure!

Finally got to the station, reached the next train, and cruised my way back (after waiting 30 minutes in the middle of the ride because there was “police activity” ON the track) to  Anaheim!

From here on, I walked home, met my own Alice-In-Wonderland rabbit I wish I could steal as my pet, and Voila, that was my day in L.A.

*The End*

Thanks for playing, thanks for staying!
– Pius the Explorer-


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