Show Me The Money 5

Last week my friend got me into watching Show Me the Money 5, a Korean rap contest. I watched it last year, but was a bit unhappy with how Mnet treated the contestants (Specially MINO! and whatshisname BlackNut?), so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it again.. So much heartbreak!

My first mistake of course was… actually watching the first episode! Now there’s no way back and i’ll post weekly feels and commentary towards the episodes!

The producer teams this year are:
Simon Dominic and Gray (AOMG <3),
Gill and Mad Clown,
Kush and Zion T,
Dok2 and The Quiett (illionaire).

So far, my team is definitely Simon and Gray, because i “know” them the most! I actually saw Gray when I went to a Jay Park concert in Korea in 2012, which was cool!
Mad Clown, is one amazingly interesting awkwardly cute guy! I can’t wait to see more of him. His teaming with this Gill guy i’ve never seen before, his gangster presence in
contrast to Mad Clowns innocence… is awkwardly hilarious to watch!
Zion T, I know from other shows, is one weird man… and weird = great!
Kush, my YG producer, I have faith in you!
Dok2 and The Quiett, I know Illionaire has some great music, so you know, they can probably assemble an extremely talented team too!
I might go several ways when they actually get their teams done, whoever gets the greatest rappers, i’ll follow!

So far, my favorites are SANCHEZ (because I met him and he was so funny and nice and made my day), BeWhy is good, G2 has great unique style! I think his name is Jun something from LA.. Zico’s Brother Taewoon is always a cutie, I wish him the best.. Reddy is cool! ONE of course, I hope he can get rid of his nerves and show us his greatness!
I need to watch more to get the names! But there are a few great ones this year! And i hope some female contestants for ONCE make an impact, it’s about time.

One thing they’ve changed this year is the additional American contestants. I think this is Timbaland1super cool since they’re mostly from LA, and they talk about the 714 area.. WHICH IS WHERE I LIVE! They’re probably from Garden Grove, mini Ktown right thurr. I still wonder what happened to that one GIRL that was supposed to also go to Korea from L.A. (ANYONE KNOWS?). Last year they had Snoop Dogg helping out, this year Timbaland… I don’t think normal people know how big Korean Music is… so they make fun of me… THEN MAKE FUN OF SNOOP TOO!! haha

Same as last year, I get most of my subtitled episodes at KHIPHOPSUBS !

SMTM airs Thursdays! Subs are often up… a few days later!
But I also watch without subs, cause i can’t wait ! I am already excited for their American tour they’ll hopefully have again this fall!

Since they haven’t started this song thing yet on Season 5, i’ll add this awesome song instead from SMTH4 with my favorite cuties! ❤

-Pius the Explorer-


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