Show Me The Money 5: Ep 4: 1vs1 battles Part 1

I’m watching this without subtitles, so i’m sure i won’t understand everything that’s going on since I know like 1% Korean ! But I think it helps a lot watching without the subs, cause I get to practice my hangul reading skills, which is currently at a 5 year old level haha! Also, apologies if I spell some of the names wrong!

Ready. Set. Go.  Spoiler Alert Ahead!

I feel sorry for the homeless woman who couldn’t afford the passport to go Korea, I’m not sure I find this Miss LA to be that good, don’t think she’ll last long since she doesn’t know Korean!


Zion T’s blue sues is fresh af!


So Mojae against Reddi, kind of an unfair pairing, but since Mojae chose this himself, I guess he’s confident in his skills, and I guess that’s how you get the weakest rappers out.

Thoughts after hearing the battle:
Both of them sound good to me, but I think Reddi definitely has more stage presence, feel, and rawness to his rapping. I’m counting on him going to the next round.

Winner: REDDI

Wow, bold move to pick Flowsik ! These guys are so brave when picking who to go up against.

Thoughts after hearing the battle:
This is hard, I like them both. SeungYeon has a higher pitched G Dragon-ish style, I really like it! While Flowsik has a lower tone, and great flow. I think he messed up for a second though. They actually compliment each other early well with the different pitches.
I think I like SeungYeon the most.. but the producers, I feel, will pick Flowsik, I know they like him!


Round 1.
Ah I love Taewoon, I hope he’s gonna do good! From what i understand out of not understanding, I think MyeonDo is 200% sure he’s gonna win. AH, he forgot his lyrics, and I find his style kinda boring to be honest, I hope Taewoon can step up his game now!
Hmm, actually didn’t find Taewoon to be that much better, his first lines were great, then he lost the feel in his voice a bit.. Have no idea who they will put through… But i still hope Tae! I must be hard to be Zico’s brother, since he’s so great!



Round 2. Freestyle:
Pretty even. Still hope for Taewoon

Round 3: Freestyle (Whaaat’s happening):
Like the beat here, so dark and beautiful.
I don’t know anymore… i don’t know.. MyunDo had a longer part and p
retty good flow, but I want Taewoon to go through, his voice really fit this beat.

WHAT! They had to leave and prepare something new??? What’s happening here! Just decide already! Tearing down my Taewoon! Poor dude!

Round 4: I have no words at this point.

Winner: MyunDo. 
I feel SO bad for TaeWoon.. but I don’t think he does well under pressure, and that’s the problem he has to work on. But… wait.. he got a hat?? Did he also go through?? huh?? or was it just a souvenir ?? what.. ugh.

SUPER B vs LILLEO MALJEU (Or something)
Lilleo Maljeu (sp), this guys clothing style haha it’s bit all over the place, but very colorful. I don’t think this guy likes Super B haha!

super B
Super B

After Battle thoughts:
Ah Super B, why did you mess up the lyrics!! More than once! I think this may have lost you the spot man!!


Winner: SUPER B
Learned a new phrase guys!!
Super B ssineun uriwa hamkke gabsida!
Supah B 씨는 우리와 함께 갑시다

Sanchez is one of my favorite people on the show, he spreads so much joy haha! His dimple is so cute, he is so cute. Also, I met him last year and he made my day when he asked me what I thought of the show!

After Battle Thoughts:
So, Sanchez definitely had a longer part… I like his laid-back style. I’m very biased here, i really just wanna see more of him haha! But I think Ibo did a good performance too, they worked well together, and their energy matched.

Winner: SANCHEZ!

SANGSU vs KILLAGEURAM (From LA Audiotions)
Aish, no Sangsu!! I feel so bad whenever they forget the lyrics! *-*

After Battler Thoughts:
Well, Sangsu forgot the lyrics. I also think he has such an average voice, it’s not unique. I can’t speak for his lyrics since i don’t understand. But Killagram will definitely win this round. He has a voice that stands out. A bit whiny and high pitched for my taste, but still pretty cool.

Winner: Killagram.
It looked like it was hard for the judges to send Sangsu home, i think they really liked him.

I really wish the best for One here, I think he gets really nervous and hasn’t proved he work that well under pressure yet. I hope he can show his talent this round.


After Battler Thoughs:
AAH nooo, he messed up again.. One, Why! WHY! He even ruined it for the other guy, i’m sorry but even if your rap is good when you hit it, I think this is enough for you to not go through.

Winner: One.
Very happy he got through, but at the same time I don’t think this was fair at all to the other guy. I need to watch the subs when it gets out to see what the Producers said.

Ah, everyone forgets their lyrics!! This time, Jei, so unfortunate!
And also Chulgu… what’s happening here!! Bad luck guys! I don’t know how they can judge this… I don’t know who I feel was the best of the worst now.

Turns out.. They got an extra freestyle round!
Hm, I don’t think this round was good either! Chulgu sounds a bit like Mino actually, but he’s no where near him.

Winner: Chulgu.. He doesn’t look happy.

Haha, One of them is screaming, the other one forgot the lyrics…….

Winner: ????

JUNOFLOW vs.HAESWISEUWAN (or something, directly romanized from Hangul)
I really liked JunoFlow in LA, so i count on him here too. Ah poor Haeswan (made my own version from what it sounds like), he looks so nervous and insecure! Think he’s prepared to lose ://

After Thoughts:
LOVE this beat!! *-* Ah, little kid HaeSwan… you have no confidence!! I wanna go up there and motivate you! You need to believe in yourself or it won’t happen!
Juno is great though, I feel so sorry for Swan… he basically got run over by the American confidence! Unfair pairing, he has NO chance.

Winner: … HaeSwan?? WHAT.. wow.. like.. what did i miss!!! *-* *waits for the subtitles* What happened… … How could I be so wrong…!??? Wow.. i’m in shock! I think maybe he spoke too much English? Or had too much of an American style to his rapping.


So, G2 is ill. Food poisoning?? or something. His style is wacky though.
SnackyChan, messed up the lyrics!

Winner: G2


I watched it, unsubbed, here: Show Me The Money Ep 4





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