Dreaming, I was only dreaming…

Most days I just wanna run away from life and travel the world.

To me, the most valuable thing to do is to visit a new place, with new people, preferably a place where you don’t know the language! ❤

I have a plan, when i’m 30, I will go on this “world tour” and visit places I’ve dreamed of seeing for many years!

Therefore, I will share som dreamy pictures of dreamy places so we all can get lost
(none of these pictures are mine, thanks Google!.

JAPAN: Kyoto:

As much as I will (one day!) go see the whole of Japan, I really wanna go to Kyoto during Spring and the cherry blossom season!
I can just feel the peace and quiet around this place.


BRAZIL, Amazon Rainforest/River

Just because, look at it!


And while I’m there in the south!

PERU: Machu Picchu

From when I was younger, I’ve had an interest in the Inka and Maya civilisations (Age of Empire anyone?), so seeing Machu Picchu (and other ruins like this) is on my top list of places I wanna see before I die! ❤


EGYPT: Pyramids!

Once upon a time, I think I had a crush on Tutankhamun… yeah. I’m really sad I didn’t get to see him on museum tours he was on haha
I would LOVE to see the pyramids before they’re gone.


SAFARI, somewhere in Africa.

You know, there are many places I wanna visit in Africa, so the safari could happen anywhere. I would love to visit Kenya and Tanzania (Kilimanjaro anyone?)! And I would love to volunteer with animals or children!


PANDA’s, China

Yes, I wanna volunteer and work with the panda’s in China!

These are just a few things I wanna see and do, there’s plenty more! I would go to every country if I could ❤ So much cool architecture in Europe for instance. Italy I would love to see, and Greece. New Zealand looks so pretty also. And obviously India! I could go on forever, mentioning every country.

Like my father once said:: “it’s easier for you to say where you DON’T wanna go, than all the places you do wanna go”





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