Lost Angeles: Searching for a New Hope.. I mean home*

Today I looked at an apartment in LA. I’m trying to find a central one, close to the metro and busses, since I don’t own a car. I’m also terrified of this part of LA! I don’t know if I should move further west or north, to a safer place and spend more money and (too much) time on transportation, or just deal with the fact that being central has its negative sides with being more populated and sketchy at places.

The location I looked at today is pretty perfect, like: it’s surrounded by everything I need! Short walk to the bus and metro and gym(s) and grocery stores, even a concert venue (I live for music)! Plus, I felt pretty safe there, and the girl who lived there before me said she never felt unsafe walking around by herself. Maybe i’m just thinking too much? I mean, I have common sense so I’m not gonna hang around late at night by myself haha!

I’ve always lived in the “worst” part of Oslo, Norway. But the worst parts of Norway is like the best parts of Los Angeles.. the contrast is huge!!
When I go home now i’m just like : “HEY, You think you’re gangster little kid? I lived in Santa Ana, i’m more G than you’ll ever be, boi! 😉 ”
Additionally, there’s more people in LA county than in the whole of Norway, it’s pretty terrifying! And naturally it’ll be more crime there. According to the crime rate maps i’ve been looking at (those scared me even more haha!), the most common crime in the area is car theft.. which doesn’t really apply to me since I don’t own a car! So, maybe it is safe? In LA terms of safeness. I could always move out if I feel bad, this is a month-to-month lease, which is perfect since I’m on an OPT visa, and might be kicked out if I don’t get a job! #life

I love LA though, I’m super excited to be near all the creative people and museums and concert venues and beaches and food and everything!! I just wish I was rich and could move straight up to Beverly Hills in a house with gates and a guarding pet tiger (not really, i’m against having tigers as pets, but maybe a tiger python)!
I’m hoping it’ll help with my anxiety and depression to be near all these opportunities!



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