Foster Pa(w)rent?

For a dog?
or a cat?
Doesn’t matter where you’re at.

I need them,
They need me,
So why shouldn’t we be? 

– genius poem writer –

I am an animal lover, and the thing I miss the most about home is having dogs and other animals around me. Honestly, I’m pretty sure my depression would be 90% lower if I had a dog. I’ve heard of therapy dogs, but since i’m not staying in the US for more than another year, I don’t want to put a dog though having to ride the plane for 10-11 hours back to Norway. It hurts me even to think about it. I know it could work, but poor dog, it would stress him/her out so much! Unless I can get a small one I can have beside me on the plane like a celebrity 8)

Anyway, my solution for not being able to get my own dog is fostering one, or a cat, or any animal with fur. So far I haven’t been able to do it because first; I lived with allergic people (which later I got to know, she wasn’t allergic haha), the second year I was way too busy with school, same with the third year, and I’ve gone home every 3-4 months for vacation so I can’t guarantee the length of which I can foster one. But now! Now that my visa basically won’t allow me to go out of the states unless I get a steady job… which I hope for, but might be hard at first since: HEY FILM INDUSTRY, HELLO FREELANCING LIFE! Anyway, my point is, I’ll have time now! And as long as I can find a place that accept pets, I will definitely (!!!) find a dog to foster. If the place isn’t pet friendly, then I would have to go volunteer somewhere, maybe i’ll do that anyway though, I wanna help.

Of course I did some searches on shelters and rescue places, and sadly ended up looking at “Adoptable” animals. My heart hurts so much! I want them all! Specially the ones who are marked as “long time residency”, and one of the dogs were blind. I would totally get the blind one if I didn’t have to go back to Norway on a plane. Maybe I can foster him if he’s still there when I move to LA. ❤

I have decided though, that in future times, I will most definitely adopt a bunch of dogs/animals to have in my future gigantic house with a gigantic garden so they can get all the love I have to give them ❤ ❤

If anyone has experience with fostering pets, I would love to hear them!

0Goodbye -1




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