Run to the hills. Run for your life!

I run and I sweat,
And I never regret,
That I put my shoes on,
And once again won.

Against my mind,
While I work on my behind,
Fitness fight the thoughts so cruel,
They don’t teach you that in school.

-Pius the Genius Poem Writer-

The last month or so, I’ve started running regularity. Sadly not outside as my surrounding areas are very de-motivating and sad aka. a lot of homeless people, a “river” without water, highways, dry landscapes and even more dusty dry landscapes.

Anyway, I used to run a lot at another time in my life where I felt down (because of a guy haha!), and I had forgotten how much I love it. My therapist has said that working out 3-5 times a week works as good as medications, so I did try and work out when I didn’t feel too low. However, I’ve figured out that not all types of exercise works for my mood, in fact, running is probably the only one I really FEEL helps. It doesn’t only help right after, but it lasts for 24 hours.

So I recommend trying it if you haven’t!

I have to run so I push myself though, this way I have to focus on my breathing and have to actively concentrate on not being distracted (if there’s other people there), and tell myself:


So it helps the positive thinking, while I can also just be in my mind working through stuff.

Not so long ago, after watching a TV show called “Real Men”: it’s about a bunch of guys who call themselves “real men” based on the manly man work they do, and the manly food and drinks they consume. Non of them are in good health, and the host is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach who guides them in training for a Triathlon they have to do at the end of the show. I watched this and it really motivated me to try and run 10km. I was like, if they can, I for sure can! And yeah, I could. After realising that, I’ve ran 10k’s every 2-3 weeks on the treadmill, and it feels amazing, specially when I feel that I can even go longer! It’s nice to feel the progress, mentally and physically.

So once again, if you have depression, and you haven’t tried running (for real), I recommend it! šŸ™‚ Treat yourself to a new colourful gym outfit and fight those demons!



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