First two weeks in La La Land..

Tuesday, August 1.

Watching the cat for a few weeks

Moved to L.A. Since I don’t have a car, it was quite frustrating to figure out how to get all my stuff to the new apartment. My planned helper was lucky enough to get a job and then didn’t have the time to help me. I researched a few last minute options and ended up with this app called GoShare. Which is kinda like Uber for moving. I was very satisfied with the help I received, and I can’t believe I haven’t heard of it until then. With the help of my GoShare driver, everything went smoothly with the moving.

Wednesday, August 2.
First day in the city I spent exploring the surrounding areas. My second day here and I almost got caught in between some security guards/police and some troublemakers at Ralph’s. Pretty scary! One of the troublemakers almost got pushed into me. And it was the first time I’ve seen a policeman provoking a person. I’m not used to this, and I don’t think it’s professional to act like that because the security/police should be able to calm the situation and not make it worse.

Santa Monica

Thursday, August 3.
Today I had a job/internship interview in Santa Monica! I had a pretty bad cold, so I didn’t remember all I had planned to say! haha. But considering my head being a bit everywhere, it went pretty good I think. After the interview I had lunch at the Pier and then went back home.


Friday, August 4.This day I decided to take a hike to explore further! I went to LACMA and got in for free since I’m now a resident of L.A. After spending some time at LACMA, I went further to this store called ‘Sockerbit‘. This is a store that sells Swedish candy, and for me it was HEAVEN!! And i’ll probably go there every week, even though it was really expensive.. The price is basically 5 times the prince in Sweden. But for me it’s worth it since it reminds me of home ❤

Sunday, August 6.
Today was a sad day. I woke up to a message from my sister in Norway, and a call where she told me that our Big Dog, Zacky (Golden Retriever) got really ill last night, and today they had to put him down. Apparently, he had lymphoma, and it had spread so fast the last 3 weeks that it wasn’t possible to treat it. So my parents decided to put him down before he got so ill that he would suffer. I will probably write a longer post about this at a later time, as he meant so much to me. Last time I saw him was in January, it hurts me that I didn’t get to say goodbye, but at the same time I’m happy i’m not home to be in the middle of the grief ❤ He was our first dog, and I am a bit worried about how my Mom is taking it, since she was the one who cared for him the most.

Later this day, I felt the need to distract my mind from what had happened, so I took a walk to The Grove, and back to Sockerbit for some more candy. I also bought the book: The Snowman, but the Norwegian author Jo Nesbø, because the film is out in October and I wanna read it before I see it.

Monday, August 7.

MacArthur Park

Today I Skyped with my parents. I was supposed to do it yesterday but because of the situation mentioned above, it didn’t happen. We didn’t even mention this during our talk.  My family is not very good at talking about these kinds of things.


After our talk, I had to go out to distract my mind. I went for a walk to a park near by, it looked good in the pics! But sadly it was full of homeless people, and I didn’t feel very safe.

Wednesday, August 9th.

Runyon Canyon

Today I went on a long walk! It took me a total of 6 hours. First I went to Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Then I went by the Chinese Theatre (so many tourists!), and then to my final goal: Runyon Canyon. It was a very nice walk, I felt good afterwards. Next time however, I will go earlier. Also notice that LA city people are very different from the OC suburban people haha. I saw a guy whoo almost walked into a metal bar because he was so fixated on his phone. And no-one greeted each other at the Runyon Canyon. I’m used to people saying “Hi” when passing on hiking trails.


I also Skyped with one of my best friends in Norway today. It’s been a while, so it was good. Also I don’t get much human interactions here since I don’t know many people haha!

Tarantino, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen 

Thursday, August 10th.
What an awesome day. I went to Sundance NextFest’s opening night to see ‘Reservoir Dogs’ with Quentin Tarantino receiving an award! So I got to see one of my favourite filmmakers live!


Friday, August 11.

Aubrey Plaza, Elizabet Olsen

Today I went to see ‘Ingrid Goes West’ at the ArcLight in Hollywood, with a Q&A after with Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen.


Saturday August 12.
After going back and forth in my mind because I’m limited in money at the moment, I decided to go see ‘Gook’ at NextFest today. It was a pretty good film! And afterwards there was a talk with the director/lead Justin Chon, moderated but Ava Duvernay, which was pretty interesting!


There you have it! A summary of my first two weeks here in La La land.

-Pius the Explorer- 


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