America’s Got Talent!

Yesterday I went to see America’s Got Talent at the Dolby Theatre.

I had planned to get up early, and not stress to get to the Dolby Theatre. I had to be there at 12:15pm to get my ticket. Even if you get the ticket voucher, you’re not guaranteed the ticket, and if you miss your time… You missed your chance! I got the ticket for free through by the way.

I got out of the of the door at 11:40am! Which was 10 minutes later than planned, but I still got there in time, and got my ticket! So I had to arrive at 12:15 to pick up the ticket, then wait until 2:30 to get in.

Since I didn’t have the time to eat breakfast this morning, hence me being late haha. I spent this time for lunch. First I tried at Johnny Rocket’s, they put me at the bar, but it was so full that I had to leave because I felt so uncomfortable with all these people surrounding me (Hello Social Anxiety!), and I felt a pressure to rush my lunch since people were waiting. Therefore, I decided to leave.. awkwardly haha.. and ended up at Dave & Buster. I just wanted to be able to eat my food without people staring or waiting or bumping into me. 😛


After I ate, there was still some time to wait, but soon I was inside the theatre. I went tofind my seat and realised they’d put me in the FRONT ROW! Mostly, I was there to see how they did the live show technically, and not to be ON tv. So again.. Hello Social Anxiety. But it was fine, I’m just not an over-enthusiastic American like most of the people around me. I’m not an American at all.. So, yeah, a little bit out of my comfort zone to be told to over react to every little thing happening on stage.
Some people were screaming like crazy around me. I can’t do that. I cheer, I clap, I support, but to go batshit crazy? It’s too unnatural for me, it’s not like it’s Channing Tatum doing a strip show on stage you know. People did it for a free TSHIRT… a t-shirt?? like what!! I’m amazed.

Anyway, it was cool to see the judges. And it’s funny that only one of them is actually from the US haha!
*Googles Howie Mandel to make sure*
… … … … … … … …
Guess he’s from Canada!

Mel B Leaving! Sparkly!

So two English, one German and one Canadian… That’s cool.

Still fun to see them. Simon Cowell, i’ve seen on these shows since.. forever ago. Heidi Klum, never thought I’d see a super model haha. Mel B, Scary Spice, never got to see Spice Girls when I was younger, so this is the closest thing. And she had an awesome sparkly outfit! Howie Mandel, I don’t really know.. I don’t really care..
But Tyra Banks! I love her! If she wasn’t the host I might not have decided to go haha. And her dress was so pretty! She is so pretty (Plus she’s got a Norwegian (like me) boyfriend 8)).

The acts were also impressive. Great voices, great dancers, good comedian, and brave acrobats! And the last one, the ventriloquist girl with the singing doll, she was great, i hope she gets through! Also hope the comedian guy, and the little girl singing gets through.

All in all, it was a good experience. I’m only sad I didn’t get any pictures of the judges (Except that one up there of Mel B) and Tyra… Since we were not allowed! And for once, I followed the No-Picture rule!

-Pius the Explorer-


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