Being Social with Social Anxiety…

Went to a bar, Wasn't really far. Had a drink or two, To feel comfortable around all of you. - Pius bad poem writer - Recently, I have been hanging out with this random group of people that suddenly came into my life after a guy randomly started talking to me at a convention and … Continue reading Being Social with Social Anxiety…


Depression Life: I don’t care, and it’s becoming a problem..

(Disclaimer: this post is about real shit)  My depression has come to the point where i'm not really sad anymore, I just don't care. I find most things to be pointless because we're all going to die anyway. It's leaving me unmotivated to do things I should do, like applying for jobs, getting my social … Continue reading Depression Life: I don’t care, and it’s becoming a problem..

Going into psychology..

After spending the summer reading books about mental health I am seriously considering doing at least a bachelor in psychology starting from next fall. I feel that my interest in this field is growing every day, and it's something I feel would be motivating for me to work with. I have just finished my master … Continue reading Going into psychology..