Going into psychology..

Decision-Fatigue-ExamplesAfter spending the summer reading books about mental health I am seriously considering doing at least a bachelor in psychology starting from next fall. I feel that my interest in this field is growing every day, and it’s something I feel would be motivating for me to work with. I have just finished my master in Film production, and spent 6 years in total on degrees, and i’m sure my parents would be a bit exhausted knowing I still wanna continue school, i’m pretty sure they just want me to get a job by now. Yes, having gone 6 years in total at schools that were NOT in Norway, has resulted in quite a large number of depth, but I’m planning to do this bachelor in Norway, where it is COMPLETELY FREEE!!!! So, I can probably work on the side. Being an editor, I can just do freelance projects for instance, so I think it would be fine.

Anyway, why I wanna do this is because I am myself struggling with depression and anxiety while not having ANYONE at the moment to talk to about how I feel. I wanna be someone that can help people in the same situation as I am in at the moment. I always feel I care more about other people, than myself (which is one reason for why i got my depression in the first place), and I think I can use this to help others. In addition, sometimes I feel my therapists doesn’t really know what I’m talking about, yes, they’ve spent years studying this subject but if they haven’t experienced it themselves, I don’t think they can REALLY know how it feels. And a lot of times I just feel too much like ‘The Patient’, and yes, they’ ARE listening, but they don’t really care. And additionally, my last two therapists were like, in a program or something? And had no control over having me as a patient, the hospital did, which is why suddenly it was decided that I couldn’t see them anymore, because they were moving on to a different kind of therapy/age group. therapy

Recently, I have edited an interview with a therapist who herself became a therapist after going to therapy herself. And the way she speaks about how she actually cares about her patients maybe me feel really good, because that means at least there are some out there that does this because they care. I’m not saying some of my former therapists didn’t care, but they were very much ‘by the book’, if I can say it that way.

I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to talk to them even if I felt like I was ‘just another patient’ at times. Without them, I would NEVER have been able to finish my MFA, and I will thank them in my future Oscar speech ! haha! I love them all for what they’ve done for me. Also, I think studying psychology will help me in my future films about mental health awareness, and writing stories in general!

Anyway, I wanna study psychology. I almost took my Bachelor in it years ago, but since I wanted to study abroad, the psychology degree would not have been valid in Norway because of different school of thoughts. I’m already reading so much about it right now, and the more I read, the more I find it interesting. I’ve ALWAYS found human behaviour interesting because I’m kind of laid-back, and observe people a lot while they talk a hole in each others head. So why not! Specially when it’s free in Norway ❤



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